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December 2011 Newsletter >

• Tambryn VanHeyningen and Benjamin Imhoff discuss the America Invents Act, which is the most significant reform of U.S. patent law in the past 50 years.

September 2011 Newsletter >

• Emily M. Hinkens explains the doctrine of inequitable conduct.

June 2011 Newsletter >

• Article by Tambryn VanHeyningen explaining the main features of the Patent Reform Act, which may be scheduled for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives soon
• Announcement that Andrus has been ranked as a "Tier 1" intellectual property firm by U.S. News and World Report

March 2011 Newsletter >

• Announcement of Andrus' new logo and website
• Recognition of George H. Solveson as a Leader in Law
• Article by Daniel I. Hanrahan outlining potential pitfalls of joint development agreements and tips for avoiding such pitfalls

June 2010 Newsletter >

• Tambryn K. VanHeyningen discusses Myriad Genetics' appel

September 2009 Newsletter >

• Considerations for Effective Patent Marking

June 2009 Newsletter >

• Federal Circuit Rules on Joint Inventorship of Dependent Claims

March 2009 Newsletter >

• Validity of Method Patents

September 2008 Newsletter >

• Use of Metatags and Trademark Infringement

June 2008 Newsletter >

• Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Considers Patentability of Business Method Patents – Will The Supreme Court Be Next?

March 2008 Newsletter >

• Recent Changes to U.S. Patent Laws