Electrical & Software

Attorneys in the Electrical/Software Practice Group at Andrus are uniquely qualified to guide our clients through a full range of intellectual property issues. All of the attorneys and agents that are members of the Group have technical degrees in physics, electrical engineering or biomedical engineering. In addition to their technical degrees, the members of the Group have the extensive legal and technical experience needed to guide clients in developing and executing client-specific IP strategies.

Starting with the State Street Bank case in 1998, the patent laws in the United States have been in a constant state of flux with respect to software and business method patents. The attorneys at Andrus are dedicated to staying on top of these changes and adjusting the way patent applications are filed and prosecuted to provide the best possible protection for our clients.

In addition to filing and prosecuting patent applications, our attorneys have extensive experience in analyzing the scope of competitor’s patents and applications in the electrical and software fields. Our technical knowledge allows us to review complicated patents with a full understanding of the disclosed material and the related background. Based on this analysis, we are able to counsel our clients on design-around strategies to avoid infringement and/or develop non-infringement positions and provide corresponding opinions.

We have worked with Fortune 50 and 500® companies, major universities and research centers, as well as small to mid-size companies in protecting their valuable innovations in many different fields, including:

  • medical devices and diagnostic systems,
  • electrical and electronic circuits and systems,
  • hospital information systems and networks,
  • RF communication devices,
  • remote utility meter monitoring,
  • home stand-by power systems and controls,
  • internal combustion engine controls,
  • car wash operational and sensing controls,
  • iPod® software applications,
  • digital signal processing,
  • call center architecture,
  • optical systems and controls,
  • device fabrication,
  • business methods,
  • software control algorithms,
  • patient monitoring systems,
  • wireless communication devices,
  • internet-based software, and
  • computer hardware.

In addition to electrical/software patents, our attorneys in the Group handle matters involving other aspects of intellectual property. For more information regarding specific areas, please visit the Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights, Client Counseling, Transactions and Litigation pages.